breaking news: secrets ARE fun!

During your thrice daily refresh of the Teesey Facebook page, you might have noticed a new tab at the top:

I’m posting to ask that you please refrain from clicking the tab if you’re not a fan. Seriously. It’s just for fans and it’s a secret.

If any non-fans do decide to go wild, to throw caution signs into the wind, break various molds, shave against the grain, etc…here’s what they’ll see:

It’s a TEESER!

Hahahaha get it?! We’ve combined tees (because we sell those) with the word teaser to make the hybrid word: teeser. Do you get it now? It’s a play on words. Wordplay. The humor is pretty complex but later today you’ll think,” OH! TEESER! I get it, it’s like a tazer.”

Anyway, here’s a summary flowchart:

Are you a fan?
Yes I am → Check out the update. Also, you are fabulous.
No 🙁 → Become a fan then try this flowchart again.

Have an opinion about teesers, lasers, or a 3rd totally different thing? Tell us in the comments!

our first banner ad – we’re so proud

Below is teesey’s very first banner advertisement! It’s debuting right now on the somethingawful forums and here it is for everyone else. We think you’ll agree that violent mythical creatures own:

Our first banner ad

A fine bit of handiwork by mr. ralph 😎

our goal

They say that sharing a goal with people you know and with the public in general makes it more likely that you’ll actually achieve it.

So here’s our goal: Go live with Teesey and open our (figurative) doors for business no later than the 2nd week in November.

Now let’s hope that anonymous bit of wisdom holds up in real life (irl).

just placed our first sample order of shirts w00t

Took a pretty big huge step toward publicly launching Teesey yesterday. You might even say it’s a milestone. You probably won’t actually say that but you could, because it is.

We sent in the design artwork to our printers and asked to get samples of each of our designs. Once we’re sure the shirts look as good in reality as they do on the computer screen we’ll fully stock our inventory and be good to go.

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