breaking news: secrets ARE fun!

During your thrice daily refresh of the Teesey Facebook page, you might have noticed a new tab at the top:

I’m posting to ask that you please refrain from clicking the tab if you’re not a fan. Seriously. It’s just for fans and it’s a secret.

If any non-fans do decide to go wild, to throw caution signs into the wind, break various molds, shave against the grain, etc…here’s what they’ll see:

It’s a TEESER!

Hahahaha get it?! We’ve combined tees (because we sell those) with the word teaser to make the hybrid word: teeser. Do you get it now? It’s a play on words. Wordplay. The humor is pretty complex but later today you’ll think,” OH! TEESER! I get it, it’s like a tazer.”

Anyway, here’s a summary flowchart:

Are you a fan?
Yes I am → Check out the update. Also, you are fabulous.
No 🙁 → Become a fan then try this flowchart again.

Have an opinion about teesers, lasers, or a 3rd totally different thing? Tell us in the comments!

new stuff! shirt descriptions & facebook fan page

First new thing:

Even if you’ve already seen what the shirts look like, you should still go through them and check out our new and improved shirt descriptions. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Another new thing (that makes 2 new things!):

We just set up the teesey facebook page (!. Become a fan and get 15% your orders on Teesey! Details are on the facebook page.

You might also notice a shiny new button in the header linking to the facebook page. And it’s got COLORS. Go ahead and mouseover it. Ain’t that swell?

Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

teesey’s email newsletter and you

subtitle: it’s a reciprocal relationship

why you should subscribe to teesey's email newsletter