what we do

we sell unique custom t-shirts on the internet!

who we are

we’re two guys from virginia who’ve wanted to own their own business since forever. emre graduated from the university of virginia and ralph from virginia tech, both in 2008. and while there might be a collegiate rivalry, these two best friends of 11 years get along pretty well. also, uva rules. *Update* UVA does not, in fact, rule. Hokies 4 life. -Ralph

how we’re different

teesey isn’t your standard t-shirt site.

our most important distinction is our originality & our unique take on funny, clever t-shirt designs.

we love original t-shirts & you won’t find us repeating or closely approximating anyone else’s. and while it seems like a no-brainer for a company to provide an original, unique product, you’d be surprised at how many of the big t-shirt companies don’t seem to think the same way.

the bottom line?

we’re a new, original t-shirt company and we want you inside our shirts.

take a look at our shirts here.

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