breaking news: secrets ARE fun!

During your thrice daily refresh of the Teesey Facebook page, you might have noticed a new tab at the top:

I’m posting to ask that you please refrain from clicking the tab if you’re not a fan. Seriously. It’s just for fans and it’s a secret.

If any non-fans do decide to go wild, to throw caution signs into the wind, break various molds, shave against the grain, etc…here’s what they’ll see:

It’s a TEESER!

Hahahaha get it?! We’ve combined tees (because we sell those) with the word teaser to make the hybrid word: teeser. Do you get it now? It’s a play on words. Wordplay. The humor is pretty complex but later today you’ll think,” OH! TEESER! I get it, it’s like a tazer.”

Anyway, here’s a summary flowchart:

Are you a fan?
Yes I am → Check out the update. Also, you are fabulous.
No 🙁 → Become a fan then try this flowchart again.

Have an opinion about teesers, lasers, or a 3rd totally different thing? Tell us in the comments!

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